Starting to Think Your Business Needs Digital Marketing?

Investing your hard earned money into digital marketing is serious business. In addition, it's extremely difficult to find out who is actually good at turning your investment into results you're looking for.

Let this page serve as a guide. A step-by-step guide that will lay out what to expect when inquiring about our services. The last thing you want is to join another email list, get hounded by sales reps and ultimately waste your time.

These steps are important for two reasons:

  1. You get to explore how we operate
  2. It shows us who is serious

There is a link at the bottom of this page that brings you to an online form. If you would rather talk on the phone, call Al up right now (443) 826-9692

With this form, we'll ask you for:

  • Your email
  • Your Budget
  • Interested services
  • Top 3 Competitors
  • Your Website
  • Your Goals / What are you looking to get out of Digital Marketing

Once you fill out the form, there will be a button asking you to “subscribe.” Don't worry, we won't bombard your with emails. This is just to keep things organized on our end and…

There's also this really awesome service that we provide you, once you fill out our form and if you qualify.

What's the awesome service?

We'll show you in a very short Over The Shoulder Video (3-5 minutes) how we would help your business attain the goals you're looking to achieve.

What's Comes After The Video?

So, you filled out the short form, qualified and received a customized video… what's next?

In the video, we will extend our No Holds Barred offer!

What in the world is that?

Well, if you liked our first video, you will love the second!

We will show you every step we would take if you decided to partner with us. No Holding Back – you get it all!

There are 3 Outcomes that can happen…

  1. You Love the Plan and Hire us to Implement it
  2. You Love the Plan, ditch us and do it yourself
  3. You Hate the plan, ditch us and go find someone else

The best part is – You Decide, and we leave it at that!

That's right! No call backs, no follow ups, no questions asked because we respect your space.

We really believe you will love the plan. We really want you to hire us to implement it, but we understand if you want to part ways.

Baltimore SEO Company is not for all businesses. However, we can help businesses that are aligned with our vision and goals. We select the clients we work with very carefully and have a reasonable set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed.

This is a GREAT question because no one wants to reveal the real amount of money they set aside for their marketing efforts UNTIL they know we can help.

However, if you are able to give us a REAL good estimate on what you're willing to spend at first, we can SHOW you:

  1. Exactly what we will be INVESTING back into your business
  2. Our Flat Fee
  3. Important SEO tasks you need to rank ahead of your competition and what each task costs

This is a HUGE decision for your business and we understand that.

We want to give you:

  • Every step we'll take
  • What everything costs
  • Why we're doing it
  • Why its important
  • The estimated time frame to start seeing results that YOUR business wants!

Are You Ready to Get Started?