How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Niche: My Step-by-step Guide!

Whether you're just getting started in affiliate marketing, or you've tried everything under the sun, finding the right niche is critical to your success.

Did you know that in 2021 there are an estimated 80% of brands that have an affiliate program? And, those combined brands, according to MediaKix, have spent $6.8 billon (and rising) on their affiliate marketing strategy.

I can attest to this statistic, as multiple brands that I'm partnered with have reached out numerous times about creating more content in exchange for a few thousands dollars that “needs to be spent, it's in the budget.”

Online shopping has skyrocketed during COVID, and will continue to rise without question.

Now, I do not endorse nor teach influencer affiliate marketing. In fact, I think it's a bunch of horse crap, but I'm very grateful for them because they actually bring more traffic to my websites! What I teach is being a digital creator, providing tremendous value to the consumer, through video or written blog posts, and getting that content out in front of people that are “warm” ready-to-buy (buyer intent).

I'd like to fill you in on a little secret that I discovered (and if you're a brand out PLEASE tune in here). If influencers promote a product, 75% of their followers will then search for a review on Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or other search engines. Funny how those followers trust google's results more than the person they adore.

In addition, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, behind google. And, more people are opting to viewing videos rather than read blog posts. But, there's a need for both.

Affiliate marketing is very much alive and thriving. But, finding the right niche is so vitally important, and, in this video below, I'll show you my exact process. Sit back, take out a notepad, pen and jot some notes down so you can find a profitable niche for affiliate marketing.

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Affiliate Marketing Niches

I have put together a list of affiliate marketing niches to help you find the perfect niche that you can start making money with.