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For years I was stuck in a world of grinding it out and being miserable at my "9-5" JOB. I knew there was more for me out there. So I set out to learn how to create my own business after seeing a few of my friends crush it in the Affiliate & Client SEO biz. If I were to succeed, it would be up to me. This is my journey. My Story. These are the sacrifices I made, the failures I endured and the triumph to victory, Brick by Brick. This is Al's SEO House!

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Peter Strauss

UI Designer

"Incredible talent, easy to work with, makes learning fun and enjoyable. My business is thriving and it's because of what I learned from him."

Julia Stewart

Content Writer

"With all the information here, you can create a very successful online business, even if you're a beginner."

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